The month of Rabiul Awwal

The month of Rabi’ul-Awwal

By Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani 

From Superstitions into Light

Rabi’ul-Awwal is the most significant month in the Islamic history, because humanity has been blessed in this month by the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Continue reading

Is OneCoin permissible?

What is the ruling on OneCoin? Is it permissible?

This detailed research paper compiled by M. Suhail Patel attempts to determine whether it is permissible to participate in the OneCoin scheme by investigating:

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Divorce in the state of menstruation

Divorce in the state of menstruation


A husband divorced his wife three times over the past three years. However, he claims that the second divorce was given whilst his wife was in the state of menstruation, and thus he should be able to take his wife back as this divorce does not count. Is this correct? He suggests that ʿAbd Allah ibn ʿUmar (may Allah be pleased with him) divorced his wife in the state of menstruation and it was disregarded.

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Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani on the unlawfulness of wealth unless it is given wholeheartedly

Discourse of Mufti Muḥammad Taqī ʿUthmānī (b. 1362/1943 – ) on wedding gifts, no boxed presents and the unlawfulness of a person’s wealth unless it is given wholeheartedly

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The last companion of Prophet Muhammad to pass away

The last companion of Prophet Muḥammad to pass away


Who was the last companion of the Prophet ﷺ to pass away?

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Dates of the blessed birth and demise of Prophet Muhammad (English)

What is the date of birth and the date of demise of our beloved Prophet Muḥammad ?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This issue has been addressed in my Arabic article Matā Wulida ar-Rasūl Ṣallāllāhu ʿAlayhi Wa Sallam Wa Matā Tuwuffiya.[1] A summary is outlined below.

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