80 Durood on Friday After Asr Salah

I have read your Urdu article on this link https://nawadir.org/2010/09/01/hadith-regarding-80-durood-on-friday-after-asr-salah/ in which you suggest that you have been unable to locate the chain of the specific ḥadīth related to reading 80 Durūd on Friday after ʿAṣr Ṣalāh and the specific virtue therein. However, I have read online that this ḥadīth is reported with a few chains and of these, only one chain is missing. It is therefore suitable to practice on the ḥadīth and regard it as a ḥadīth. Please can you shed light on this matter and clear up the confusion.

Click on the following link to download the answer: durood-question-and-answer-revised