Muhaddithul Asr Shaykh Muhammad Yunus Jownpuri – Memories, Publications, Obituaries

This page aims to gather the various obituaries and articles written before and after the demise of our beloved Muhaddith al-Asr Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Yunus Jownpuri who passed away on Tuesday 11 July 2017 / 17 Shawwāl 1438 in Saharanpur, India. If you have any article, memory, obituary, or publication of Shaykh or regarding Shaykh in Arabic, English or Urdu, please email a copy to our admin on so that we can add to this page.

English articles regarding Shaykh 

Article by Mawlana Muhammad Seth Blackburn

Article by Suved Siddique

Discourses of Muhaddithul Asr Shaykh Muhammad Yunus Jownpuri

Dream of Mawlana Talha Desai from South Africa

Dream of Mufti Zubair Dudha Dewsbury

Dream of a brother from London

English elegy by a student of Shaykh Yunus

English elegy by Mawlana Anas Shaikh

Key notes from Hadrat Mufti Shabbir Ahmad’s speech in Saharanpur

Memories of Hafiz Rizwan Sidyot London

Memories of Mawlana Ataoullah Ingar Reunion

Memories of Mawlana Gulam Desai Dewsbury

Memories of Mawlana Irfan Sidyot London

Memories of Mawlana Ismail Patel Gloucester

Memories of Mawlana Osman Leicester

Memories of Mawlana Saeed Sahib Preston

Memories of Mawlana Suhail Akubat Blackburn

Memories of Mawlana Zubair Akhtar

Memories of Mufti Ismail Satia Blackburn

Memories of Ustadh Abdus Shakur

Memories of Zuber Seedat Leicester

Obituary: Muḥaddith al-ʿAṣr Shaykh al-Ḥadīth Mawlānā Muḥammad Yūnus Jownpūrī by Shaykh Yusuf Shabbir

Preston scholar’s dream regarding Shaykh Yunus

Ten salient features of the Arabic commentary Nibrās al-Sārī ilā Riyāḍ al-Bukhārī by Muḥaddith al-ʿAṣr Shaykh Muḥammad Yūnus Jownpūrī: by Shaykh Yusuf Shabbir

Attarbiyah Magazine Dewsbury – Special Edition

Arabic articles regarding Shaykh

Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq

Dr Saeedur Rahman Nadwi

International Union for Muslim Scholars

Mufti Shabbir Ahmad Arabic article on Shaykh Yunus Jownpuri

Muslim Scholars Association

Shaykh Abdul Ahad ibn Yusuf Patel Falahi

Shaykh Ali Sayyad Lubnani

Shaykh Amir Bahjat

Shaykh Dr Muhammad Rafiq Husayni Bahrain

Shaykh Mahmud ibn Muhammad Hamdan

Shaykh Muhammad al-Hasan al-Shinqiti

Shaykh Muhammad Ali Yamani

Shaykh Muhammad Arshad Nadwi (Arabic elegy)

Shaykh Muhammad Ashraf South Africa

Shaykh Muhammad Yahya Bilal Manyar

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Hariri

Shaykh Muhammad Ziyad Tuklah

Shaykh Muhammad Ziyad Tuklah 2

Shaykh Uwais Namazi Tweets

Shaykh Yunus Sahib view on Ibn Arabi by Abdul Ahad

Ten salient features of the Arabic commentary Nibras al-Sari (Review in Arabic by Yusuf Shabbir)

Urdu articles regarding Shaykh

Auto Biography By Shaykh Yunus Sahib (Hadrat Shaykh awr Unkey Khulafa)

Hadrat Mawlana Abdullah Kapodrawi

Hadrat Mawlana Ayyub Surti

Hadrat Mawlana Badrul Hasan Qasmi Kuwait

Hadrat Mawlana Ibrahim Pandor

Hadrat Mawlana Nurul Hasan Rashid Kandhelwi

Hadrat Mawlana Rabi Nadwi

Hadrat Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri

Hadrat Mufti Shabbir Ahmed Sahib

Hamidullah Qasmi

Letter Mawlana Rabi Sahib Nadwa

Letter Mawlana Saeedur Rahman Nadwa

Letter Mawlana Sufyan Qasmi Deoband

Letter Mufti Mahfoozur Rahman Uthmani

Mawlana Abdul Mueed Nadwi

Mawlana Abdullah Khalid Qasmi India

Mawlana Abdurrahim Limbada

Mawlana Abdurrahim Limbada 2

Mawlana Dr Muhammad Akram Nadwi

Mawlana Dr Muhammad Akram Nadwi (Nuqush)

Mawlana Ibn al-Hasan Abbasi of Karachi

Mawlana Muhammad Affan Mansoorpuri India

Mawlana Muhammad Hammad Nadwi

Mawlana Muhammad Masood Azizi Nadwi

Mawlana Muhammad Saeedi Saharanpur

Mawlana Muhammad Sajid Khajnawari

Mawlana Muhammad Salman al-Khayr Qasmi

Mawlana Muhammad Salman Gangohi

Mawlana Muhammad Salman Gangohi (Part 2)

Mawlana Muhammad Umar Qasmi

Mawlana Mumtaz Alam Deenajpuri

Mawlana Rahat Ali Siddiqi

Mawlana Sayyid Ahmad Wameed Nadwi

Mawlana Sayyid Mahmud Hasan Hasani Nadwi

Mwalana Shahid Sahib Saharanpur

Mawlana Waliyullah Wali Azimabadi

Mawlana Waliyullah Wali Qasmi

Mawlana Yahya Nomani

Mawlana Yasir Nadim al-Wajidi

Mufti Akram Mustafa Ayyubi Mazahiri

Mufti Khalid Sayfullah Naqshbandi

Mufti Salman Mansoorpuri India

Mufti Jabir Kharod

Mufti Tahir Sahib Saharanpur

Muhammad Dawood Surti

Mulla Uwais Namazi Nadwi

Shaykh Hanif Sahib Kharod

Publications, Writings and Discourses of Shaykh Yunus Sahib

We are working on uploading the four volumes of al-Yawaqit al-Ghaliyah as well as Nibras al-Sari in due course. The following are some publications, some of which have been taken from al-Yawaqit al-Ghaliyah, along with translation of some articles. Attempts are also underway to publish Shaykh’s notes on Sahih Muslim and Fathul Bari and other books.

Brief Biography of Shaykhul Hadith Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (By Shaykhul Hadith Moulana Muhammad Yunus Jownpuri Sahib) (Arabic)

Discourses of Muhaddithul Asr Shaykh Muhammad Yunus Jownpuri (Arabic and English)

Ḥadīth regarding the family of the bride feeding people (English)

kutub-e-fazail-par-ishkalat-kay-jawabaat (Urdu)

mawlana-yunus-jawnpuri-asaneed-printed (Arabic)

Shaykh Yunus Isnad by Mawlana Muhammad Seth

Shaykh Yunus Sahib view on Ibn Arabi by Abdul Ahad

nawadir-ul-fiqh (Urdu and Arabic)

nawadir-ul-hadees (Urdu and Arabic)

The Fast and Virtues of 15 Shaban from Al Yawaqeet Al Ghaliyah (By Shaykhul Hadith Moulana Muhammad Yunus Jownpuri Sahib) (Arabic and Urdu)

The length of the Kurtā (Qamīṣ) of the Prophet ﷺ (English)

The Ruling on the fast of 15 Shaʿbān (English)

ʿUmrah from Tanʿīm is not an innovation (English)

Urdu Commentary of Kitab al-Tawhid of Sahih Bukhari by Shaykh Yunus Sahib (Urdu)

Valuable advice for graduating students (English)

Virtue of spending on one’s family on 10 Muharram (Muhaddithul Asr Shaykh Yunus Jownpuri Sahib) (Urdu and Arabic)

Letters and handwritten documents of Shaykh Yunus Sahib

This section will be updated soon. Some of Shaykh’s handwritten documents are available on this link