New Website Launched

Assalāmu ʿalaykum dear readers

We have launched a new website under the guidance of our teachers Mufti Shabbīr Aḥmad Ṣāḥib and Mufti Muḥammad Ṭāhir Ṣāḥib. The new website has the following sections:

  1. Fiqh – This section is divided into various categories to make it easy for readers to search and navigate the Q&As.
  2. Hadith – This section is divided into various categories and addresses various questions pertaining to the meaning and authenticity of ḥadīths. There is also a dedicated section for supplications (duʿāʾs) and evidences within this section as well as ḥadīth related publications.
  3. Articles – This section is divided into various sections including malfūẓāt (discourses) of the elders, book reviews, obituaries and profiles, travelogues and articles on contemporary affairs.
  4. Resources – This section will be expanded further and currently features Friday sermons, posters and examination papers.
  5. Books – This section features our publications as well as manuscripts and free books in Arabic and English which can be downloaded.
  6. Audio – This section features speeches of Shaykh Muḥammad Yūnus Jownpūrī, Mufti Muḥammad Taqī ʿUthmānī, Mufti Aḥmad Khānpūrī, Mufti Shabbīr Aḥmad, Shaykh Ayyūb Surtī and other scholars, and includes the speeches of Mufti Muḥammad Taqī ʿUthmānī during his 2018 UK tour.

We hope you will benefit from the new website. Please note we will not be uploading any new posts on and therefore request you to subscribe your email on to receive information on new posts and articles.

Finally, we request you for your supplications and thank you for your support.

Wassalāmu ʿalaykum

Yusuf Shabbir