Is OneCoin permissible?

What is the ruling on OneCoin? Is it permissible?

This detailed research paper compiled by M. Suhail Patel attempts to determine whether it is permissible to participate in the OneCoin scheme by investigating:

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Fatwa Regarding Stunning

Fatwa regarding stunning

By Mufti Shabbir Ahmad, Darul Uloom Bury

Making an animal unconscious prior to slaughter, whether by means of a current or pistol, contains from a religious perspective a number of major flaws which have been detailed by Shaykh Ashraf ʿAlī Thānawī in Imdād al-Fatāwā and then by my teacher Shaykh Mufti Muẓaffar Ḥusayn, Director and Mufti of Madrasah Mazahirul Uloom, Saharanpur in response to a legal query. Continue reading