Two verses of the Quran and the validity of Salah

Two verses of the Qurʾān and the validity of Ṣalāh


If someone recites the following verses of the Qurʾān إنما یخشی اللهُ من عباده العلماءَ  with a ḍammah on the word Allah and Fatḥah on the word al-ʿUlamāʾ, and وإذ ابتلی إبراهیمُ ربَّه بكلمات with a ḍammah on the word Ibrāhīm and a Fatḥah on the word Rabb, is the Ṣalāh valid?

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Was Imam Abu Hanifah a tabi’i

Was Imam Abū Ḥanīfah a tābiʿī? I have heard some people say that he was not. Please clarify.

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Is travelling without Mahram permissible according to Imam Shafi’ee?

Is travelling without Maḥram permissible according to Imām Shāfiʿī


Is it true that according to the Shāfiʿī school of thought, it is permissible for a woman to travel without her husband or a Maḥram so long as she travels with a group of women and it is safe to do so?

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