Iftar Duaa Query

The following document in Arabic explores the authenticity of the Duaa يا واسع الفضل اغفر لي at the time of Iftar. The research concludes that Abdullah ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) would read the following Duaa with these words: يا واسع المغفرة اغفر لي at the time of Iftar.

تحقيق الدعاء عند الإفطار: يا واسع الفضل اغفر لي

هل ثبت عن رسول الله صلی الله علیه وسلم أنه كان یقول عقب الإفطار أو قبله: یا واسع الفضل اغفر لي؟

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Iftar Duas Timing

Ifṭār Duʿāʾ Timing


We have read on your website on the following link https://nawadir.org/2015/06/18/masnoon-iftar-duas/ that the specific Ifṭār duʿās should be read after breaking the fast. Please can you provide the evidence for this.

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Will fasting for 12 hours or following the fasting times of Saudi Arabia suffice for Muslims in the UK

Will fasting for 12 hours in the summer months or following the fasting times of Saudi Arabia suffice for Muslims in the UK?

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Masnoon Iftar Du’as

What are the Masnoon Du’as at the time of breaking the fast?

To read or download the answer with the Arabic references, click on the following link: masnoon-iftar-duaas

To print or download an abridged poster version, click on the following link: masnoon-iftar-duas-poster

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Is It Permissible To Give Fidyah Instead Of Fasting In Ramadan

Is it permissible to give Fidyah instead of fasting in Ramaḍān?

I am aware of many people, particularly females, who do not fast in Ramaḍān because the fasts are long. Most of these people are not elderly or suffering from any illness. They do not attempt the fast, nor do they make Qaḍā in winter when the days are short. Instead, they donate Fidyah and regard this as sufficient to discharge their obligation. Please can you shed light on whether it is permissible to give Fidyah instead of fasting in Ramadan as this is widespread in our community. Please also outline if there are any differences of opinion regarding this. Please can you also advise whether diabetic patients should fast in Ramaḍān.

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What nullifies the fast and what does not?

To download the information below in a poster format, please click on the following link: what-nullifies-the-fast-and-what-does-not

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