Should the congregation face the Imam during the Friday sermon

Should the congregation face the Imam during the Friday sermon?


Should the congregation face the Imam during the Friday sermon? I have heard someone suggest that the congregation should maintain their faces straight towards the Qiblah. Please outline the views of the four schools of thought.

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Salam before the sermon on Friday

Salām before the sermon on Friday


What is the position of the four schools of thought regarding the Imam greeting the congregation and saying Salām before starting the Jumuʿah Khuṭbah?

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Allamah Lakhnawis view on the language of Jumuah sermon

ʿAllāmah Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Ḥayy Laknawi’s view on Jumuʿah Khuṭbah language

Language of Jumuʿah Sermon

By ʿAllāmah Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Ḥayy Laknawī (d. 1304/1886)

Translator’s Introduction

The language of the Jumuʿah sermon and whether it can be, and indeed should be, delivered in non-Arabic is a contentious issue. There are a range of opinions on this and the practice across the world is varied. Continue reading

Friday Sermon Sultan Hadith Query

Friday Sermon Sultan Ḥadīth Query


Many Imams refer to a Sultan in their Friday sermons and mention the following sentence or something similar:

من أھان سلطان اللہ في الأرض أھانه اللہ

Is there any basis for this and what does it mean? Is it permissible to cite this narration when the Muslims do not have a Sultan?

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Using the pulpit for sermons

Using pulpit for sermons


Are there any narrations that affirm that the pulpit was used in the Prophetic era to deliver sermons other than the Friday and Eid sermons?

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What is the Sunnah Qirā’ah for the Friday prayers?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

There are three combinations that have been transmitted from the practice of the Prophet ﷺ in Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim (877, 878) (also see al-Mugnī, 2: 230):

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