Women performing Salah in congregation adjacent to men and the validity of the men’s Salah

Women performing Ṣalāh in congregation adjacent to men and the validity of the men’s Ṣalāh


We have a mosque attended by people who follow various different schools of thought. The mosque is attended by males and females and there are appropriate safeguards in place. The mosque is small and comprises of two rooms that are next to each other with a permanent brick wall in between. Thus, the second row of men is indirectly behind the first row of women. There is no other option as the building is small. The entrance to each room is separate. If the women perform Ṣalāḥ in congregation, will the Ṣalāh of the men and women be valid from a Ḥanafī perspective? Please can you provide the Arabic references as this is creating some confusion.

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Nikah in the Masjid and on Friday

Nikāḥ in the Masjid and on Friday


(1) What is the position of the four schools of thought regarding Nikāḥ in the Masjid?

(2) Is it preferable to perform Nikāḥ on Friday?

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Hadith Query – Decorating the Masjids and Adorning the Mushafs

Is the following Ḥadīth reliable: إذا زخرفتم مساجدكم وحليتم مصاحفكم فالدمار عليكم When you decorate your Masjids and adorn your Muṣḥafs, then destruction is upon you. Continue reading

Discourses of senior scholars

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