Nikah in the Masjid and on Friday

Nikāḥ in the Masjid and on Friday


(1) What is the position of the four schools of thought regarding Nikāḥ in the Masjid?

(2) Is it preferable to perform Nikāḥ on Friday?

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Hadith Query – Decorating the Masjids and Adorning the Mushafs

Is the following Ḥadīth reliable: إذا زخرفتم مساجدكم وحليتم مصاحفكم فالدمار عليكم When you decorate your Masjids and adorn your Muṣḥafs, then destruction is upon you. Continue reading

Discourses of senior scholars

This page features some discourses of some leading scholars from around the world. This page will be updated regularly. For discourses of Muhaddithul Asr Shaykh Yunus Jownpuri Sahib, click here.

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Change in direction for Mosque

Source: Asian Image Reporter, Wednesday 7th May 2008

A Mosque has changed the direction in which worshippers pray after it was revealed the direction of Makkah was over 35 degrees out.

The Lancashire mosque recently underwent renovations and during this period the Qiblah direction was changed.

To avoid confusion a full explanation has been given by the man who has conducted detailed research into the direction of Makkah.

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