Can the husband bury the deceased wife

Can the husband bury the deceased wife?


Is it permissible for the husband to bury the deceased wife?

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Virtue of spending on one’s family on 10 Muharram (Muhaddithul Asr Shaykh Yunus Jownpuri Sahib)

Every year during the first ten days of Muharram, there is a discussion regarding the status of the Hadith that encourages spending on one’s family on 10 Muharram, the day of ‘Ashura. The Hadith states, “Whoever expands his expenditure on his family on the day of ‘Aashura, AllahTa’ala will expand his sustenance for the rest of that year”.

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15 Shaban: Virtue of the night and the status of the fast

The following answers and excerpts outline the view of experts in relation to the night of 15 Shaʿbān and the status of the fast of 15 Shaʿbān.

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