Repeating the Salah performed on the plane seat

Repeating the Ṣalāḥ performed on the plane seat


I have read your Fatwā which states that the Ṣalāh performed on the seat of a plane should be repeated. My question is that the jurists have written that Ṣalāḥ on the boat in the state of sitting is valid even if there is no excuse. Therefore, does the same not apply to Ṣalāh on the plane?

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The Correct Method Of Burying The Deceased

What is the correct method of burying the deceased?

(1) Some people ensure that the whole body of the deceased is tilted towards the Qiblah whilst others merely tilt the face whilst the back of the body touches the ground. Merely tilting the face has become common practice with some claiming it fulfils the Sunnah. What is the preferred method?

(2) In either case, it is preferable for the body to be buried closer to the Qiblah?

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Change in direction for Mosque

Source: Asian Image Reporter, Wednesday 7th May 2008

A Mosque has changed the direction in which worshippers pray after it was revealed the direction of Makkah was over 35 degrees out.

The Lancashire mosque recently underwent renovations and during this period the Qiblah direction was changed.

To avoid confusion a full explanation has been given by the man who has conducted detailed research into the direction of Makkah.

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