Is Madd Munfasil necessary

Is Madd Munfaṣil necessary?


I teach some Ḥifẓ students who recite 2-3 Juzʾ of the Qurʾān to me daily. Is it permissible if I allow them to make qaṣr in madd munfaṣil?

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Recitation of 20 Surahs in Tahajjud

Recitation of 20 Sūrahs in Tahajjud Ṣalāh and reciting Qurʾān slowly


I recently heard that there is a narration that suggests that the Prophet ﷺ would recite 20 chapters of the Qurʾān in Tahajjud Ṣalāḥ. Is this true?

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