Serving the husband and his family and vice-versa

السراج الوهاج في خدمة الأزواج

The shining lamp on serving the spouses

This Arabic treatise explores the issue of the wife serving her husband and his family and vice versa. The foreword to the treatise has been written by our respected teacher Shaykh al-Ḥadīth Mufti Aḥmad Khānpūrī (b. 1365/1946) and Shaykh Mufti ʿAtīq Aḥmad Qāsmī (b. 1373/1954) of Lucknow, India.

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Addressing the husband with his name

Is it desirable for a wife to address her husband with his name? This is a common question.  

السراج الوھاج في نداء الأزواج: التحقیق الأنیق في نداء النساء أزواجھن بمجرد أسمائھم وكيف كانت النساء ینادین ویذكرن أزواجھن في العھد النبوي وما بعده

تألیف يوسف شبير احمد عفي عنه

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