Time of Salah does not occur or Salah time re-enters

Time of Ṣalāh does not occur or Ṣalāh time re-enters


(1) If Ṣalāh time re-enters for example because of travelling on an aeroplane, and a person has already performed Ṣalāh on time, will it be necessary to perform the Ṣalāh again?

(2) In the summer months in the UK, ʿIshāʾ time does not occur. Will ʿIshāʾ Ṣalāh remain obligatory?

The answer to this question is now available on the following link: http://islamicportal.co.uk/time-of-salah-does-not-occur-or-salah-time-re-enters/

Salah for a travelling female in her menses

Ṣalāh for a travelling female in her menses


I have read in a book that if a woman travels whilst in the state of menstruation, her travel in the state of menstruation will not be regarded as travel for the purpose of shortening the Ṣalāh. Therefore, if she exits the state of menstruation and does not travel further, she will not shorten her Ṣalāh. Please can you shed light on this issue and outline the views of the four schools of thought.

The answer to this question has moved to the following link: http://islamicportal.co.uk/salah-for-a-travelling-female-in-her-menses/

Repeating the Salah performed on the plane seat

Repeating the Ṣalāḥ performed on the plane seat


I have read your Fatwā which states that the Ṣalāh performed on the seat of a plane should be repeated. My question is that the jurists have written that Ṣalāḥ on the boat in the state of sitting is valid even if there is no excuse. Therefore, does the same not apply to Ṣalāh on the plane?

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