Discourses of senior scholars

This page features some discourses of some leading scholars from around the world. This page will be updated regularly.

The page has now moved to the following: https://islamicportal.co.uk/discourses-of-senior-scholars/

9 Days In India – Visit to 5 States

The following is a daily account of Shaykh Yusuf Shabbir’s nine day visit to India.  The page will be updated daily. This follows a trip made to India in October 2014, details of which are available on this link: https://nawadir.org/2014/10/15/12-days-in-india-visit-to-7-states/.

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Addressing the husband with his name

Is it desirable for a wife to address her husband with his name? This is a common question.  

السراج الوھاج في نداء الأزواج: التحقیق الأنیق في نداء النساء أزواجھن بمجرد أسمائھم وكيف كانت النساء ینادین ویذكرن أزواجھن في العھد النبوي وما بعده

تألیف يوسف شبير احمد عفي عنه

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Inspiring Legacy

Inspiring Legacy

Demise of Ḥājī Adam Patel

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

As we awoke this morning in Blackburn, we heard the shocking news that our maternal grandfather Ḥājī Adam Patel has passed away in Dewsbury in the early hours of the morning. إنا لله وإنا إلیه راجعون

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