Adoption and Hijab

Adoption and Hijab


There are many Muslim children who require adoption because of family breakdowns and more recently due to the Syrian refugee crisis. I am aware that Islam does not recognise adopted children as the children of the adopter in terms of establishing a Maḥram relationship, inheritance and so forth. However, my question is in relation to Ḥijāb and interaction between the adopted child and the family once the adopted child grows up. Continue reading

Hadith query: Wings of angels spread over Sham

Ḥadīth query: Wings of angels spread over Shām


It is mentioned in a ḥadīth that the angels have their wings laid over Shām. How is this reconciled with what is currently happening in Syria? What does this ḥadīth mean? This is creating some confusion. Please clarify.

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[Book Release] 40 Hadiths on The Virtues of Sham And Its People

Al-Arba’in on The Virtues of Sham And Its People, By Mufti Shabbir Ahmed

The book

Sham is an area which encompasses modern day Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, parts of Northern Egypt, parts of Southern Turkey and parts of Western Iraq.

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