Evidence of Hanafis permitting marriage during Ihram

Evidence of permissibility of marriage during Iḥrām


I understand that according to the Ḥanafī school of thought, it is permissible to get married in the state of Iḥrām. Is there any evidence for this?

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Person travels to Jeddah for work then wishes to do Umrah

The following is a brief Arabic document in relation to a person who travels to Jeddah (or similar location in between Miqat and Haram) for work purposes and thereafter has the opportunity to perform Umrah, he can enter into the state of Ihram in Jeddah and proceed to the blessed city of Makkah. He does not have to return to Miqat or give any penalty.

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Query regarding menstruating woman unable to perform ‘umrah due to limited stay in saudi arabia

Query regarding menstruating woman unable to perform ʿUmrah due to limited stay in Saudi Arabia


I have read on your website on the following link https://nawadir.org/2016/05/30/menstruating-woman-unable-to-perform-umrah-due-to-limited-stay-in-saudi-arabia/ in which you state that a menstruating woman cannot exit her Iḥrām until she performs her ʿUmrah. My question is when ʿĀʾishah (may Allah be pleased with her) was unable to perform ʿUmrah due to menstruation, the Prophet ﷺ instructed her to leave her ʿUmrah and exit Iḥrām. This suggests that it is possible to exit the state of Iḥrām without performing ʿUmrah.

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Menstruating woman unable to perform Umrah due to limited stay in Saudi Arabia

Menstruating woman unable to perform ʿUmrah due to limited stay in Saudi Arabia


I have read on the following link https://nawadir.org/2016/03/30/travelling-for-umrah-whilst-menstruating/ that a menstruating woman should enter into Iḥrām at Mīqāt and proceed to Makkah and perform her ʿUmrah after her menstruation finishes. However, I have a specific scenario which is quite common. If a woman plans to stay in Makkah for five days but her period will start two days before she arrives and her normal cycle is ten days, what should she do? Should she take the pill bearing in mind that the bleeding may not stop fully? What if she has no choice but to return from Makkah before her menstruation finishes?

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Umrah from Tanim is not an innovation

ʿUmrah from Tanʿīm is not an innovation


I understand that whilst residing in the blessed city of Makkah, performing as many Ṭawāf is more virtuous than performing ʿUmrah. However, is it permissible to perform ʿUmrah if someone decides to do so? Many people visit Tanʿīm, also known as Masjid ʿĀʾishah, and put on Iḥrām from here for ʿUmrah. I have heard some people say this is an innovation and must be avoided. Please clarify the matter.

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Travelling for Umrah whilst Menstruating

Travelling for ʿUmrah whilst menstruating


A sister is going for ʿUmrah tomorrow. Everything is booked but her menstruation has started. What does she do at Mīqāt? Does she wear her Iḥrām or not?

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