Warning the Ummah of the poison of tale-bearing (Namimah)

تحذير الأمة عن سم النميمة ، تأليف يوسف شبير أحمد البريطاني

Warning the Ummah of the poison of tale-bearing (Namīmah)

This Arabic treatise is a collection of ḥadīths and statements of scholars regarding Namīmah (tale-bearing). The treatise includes the following:

  • 40 ḥadīths regarding Namīmah.
  • Statements of more than 20 scholars regarding Namīmah.
  • Qurʾānic verses regarding Namīmah and its definition.
  • The interconnectedness of Namīmah and Ghībah (backbiting) and the difference between the two.
  • The harms of Namīmah and the six actions prescribed by scholars when someone undertakes Namīmah in your presence.
  • Is Namīmah a major or minor sin and how should a person recompense for this sin?

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Baqi Graveyard Queries

Baqīʿ Graveyard Queries


Has the blessed graveyard of Madīnah been called Jannat al-Baqīʿ in the aḥādīth? Are there any non-Muslims buried there? Who was the first companion to be buried there?

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Six Days in Sierra Leone

Six Days in Sierra Leone

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The following is a daily account of a visit to Sierra Leone by Shaykh Yusuf Shabbir and Shaykh Muhammad Ahmad of Ummah Welfare Trust in Rabīʿ al-Awwal 1438 / December 2016.

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Divorce in the state of menstruation

Divorce in the state of menstruation


A husband divorced his wife three times over the past three years. However, he claims that the second divorce was given whilst his wife was in the state of menstruation, and thus he should be able to take his wife back as this divorce does not count. Is this correct? He suggests that ʿAbd Allah ibn ʿUmar (may Allah be pleased with him) divorced his wife in the state of menstruation and it was disregarded.

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Dates of the blessed birth and demise of Prophet Muhammad (English)

What is the date of birth and the date of demise of our beloved Prophet Muḥammad ?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Dates of the blessed birth and demise of Prophet Muhammad (Arabic)

What is the date of birth and the date of demise of our beloved Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ?

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Combining prayers according to elders of Deoband

اکابر علماء دیوبند کے نزدیک ضرورت کے وقت جمع بین الصلوتین جائز ہے یا نہیں؟

Is it permissible to combine prayers according to the elders of Deoband?

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